Happy Teens Become Healthier Adults

Teenagers who are happy and positive during adolescence are found to have better general health as adults and are less likely to take part in risky behaviours, according to a recent study published in the July 2011edition in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois studied long-term data of over 10,000 young people.  The data came from a series of questions on physical and emotional well-being from 1994.  These same young people were followed up in 1996 and in 2001. The researchers found that teens with a positive self-image and outlook on life were healthier as adults than teens that did not possess the same outlook. They also found that teens with a positive attitude were less likely to engage in substance abuse such as smoking, drugs and drinking, and were even less likely to consume unhealthy foods. The study concluded a positive outlook should be encouraged in teens in order to improve their long-term health.


Source: Adolescents With A Positive Outlook On Life May Have Better Health In Their Adult Years, Medical News Today.com, July 2012

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