Overcoming Homework Battles with Your Kids

With a few tips, you can overcome homework battles with your children.

Homework Battles

Today, kids can get a lot of homework, and getting them to do it can be a running battle in many homes. But by providing our children with a dedicated homework space, along with the tools necessary to do their work, we’re giving them the message that homework is important. Helping them with time management and planning for projects is also helpful. And most important is letting kids know exactly what your expectations are with regards to their homework, says Mike Nichols, author of Stop Arguing with Your Kids.

“Homework battles are very tricky. Like a lot of things, parents have to establish early that they’re serious about homework. It’s probably the case that parents should check up on their kids doing their homework starting when the kids are very young, because at a certain age, twelve or thirteen, it becomes very difficult to do that. So like many struggles with kids, the struggle over homework is going to be won or lost very early.”

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