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School Trips

A look at the many benefits of the overnight school trip.

School Trips

Whether it’s to travel to a new country, a band trip, or a school sports league, overnight school trips can be a child’s first taste of independence. In fact, there are a long of good reasons to let your child go on an overnight school trip says Michael Thompson, author of Homesick and Happy. “School trips are great because they allow kids to experience something in the field, and to apply some knowledge they have to a concrete situation. The overnight trip allows them to know their teachers in a different way, and to trust the world in a different way.”

Michael adds that school trips can lead to personal growth. “I had a man tell me that he really came to trust school when he had an overnight school trip. He saw that his teacher wasn’t somebody who just pounded information into him, but that by sitting and having dinner with his teacher made him feel closer and more trusting. It changes the nature of relationships.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Michael Thompson, author of Homesick and Happy.

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