Toddlers and Discipline

What not to do when it comes to toddlers and limit setting.

Toddler Discipline

There’s no doubt that toddlers can be incredibly strong willed.  In fact, it’s common for them to refuse to budge from a playground or other fun activities.While your temptation may be to threaten abandonment, that’s a form of discipline that’s a real ‘no-no’ says Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Toddler Books. “I think we’ve all seen other parents or remember our own parents saying ‘if you don’t stop screaming right now I’m going to leave you in the grocery store.’  Your child either is panic struck that he’s about to get left behind in the grocery store and how can he trust you if you’re going to leave him for one little meltdown, or they think you’re just pulling their leg and you’ve lost all your negotiating power and credibility. ” Ann adds spanking should also be avoided. “I prefer not to spank because I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to control that.  If I’m spanking a child and I’m very angry I may be tempted to use too much force or give too many spankings, so I prefer not to go there.”

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