When Parents Lose Their Cool

What to do when you lose your cool and blow up at your kids.

Losing Your Cool

As parents, we’ve all been there. A discussion with our kids turns into an argument, we blow up, the discussion is over, and everything shuts down. It’s not exactly the path to solid negotiation. So, what do we do when we lose our cool? Mike Nichols, Author of Stop Arguing With Your Kids has a few ideas.

“It’s always possible to go back later and say “let’s talk about what happened”. Returning to discuss a blow-up with a child gives them a chance to express their feelings, to talk about their point of view, to say it was unfair, and it gives the parent a chance to hear and respect and acknowledge the child’s side of it. This then relieves the child from a sense of bitterness and self-righteous unfairness, and then opens them up to hearing perhaps what the parent might say about the situation.”

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