The Developing Brain

 A look at when your child’s brain is fully developed.

Brain and Development

Science is learning more and more about human brain development. One thing that’s become clear is that brains continue to develop until at least the age of 21 and even beyond explains Dr. Wilkie Wilson, co-author of Just Say Know. “Some important things are in place at five years old, but a lot happens after that.  In fact, when I’m talking with kids I often say, ‘remember you’re brain is not fully developed, and you are going to be a different person in your twenties than you are right now.  So if you’re struggling with an academic subject that you like but are having trouble with, don’t give up on yourself.  Put that on hold and maybe in your twenties, maybe later in college or graduate school try it again because you may find that something you’re not good at now, you may be quite good at later on’.” By the way, the last part of the brain to develop is the frontal lobe, the part that helps us to make good decisions. It may be why teens can be a little rash.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Wilkie Wilson, co-author of Just Say Know.

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