Early School Education Radio Shows — 15 March 2013
Music Lessons

Hitting the right note. Finding the best music lesson for your child.

Music Lessons

Music benefits children on many levels, from academic to artistic.  Most important however, is that music can be a lot of fun if your child is matched with the right music teacher explains Janice Baron-Turner, author of Your Musical Child. “When we’re deciding to put our child in a music lesson we want to consider how socially ready they are for it, and whether their learning style would do better in a group, or one-on-one or two-on-one. We also want to know that we can be a part of it for a while when our children are young, to observe what is going on to make sure that our children are getting positive experiences and positive messages.” And with the right teacher, even preschoolers can learn to play an instrument. “A lot of music teachers would prefer to have kids who know how to read because they are visual teachers, and so if your child is not a reader yet, the idea is to find a teacher who works with pre-readers.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Janice Baron-Turner, author of Your Musical Child.

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