Support for New Parents

Why taking care of yourself, not just your newborn is a must.

Support For New Parents

Taking care of yourself as well as your children is an important lesson for new parents to learn.  After all, if parents are exhausted and stressed, it will affect how they care for their kids.  So right from day one, parents should turn to family and friends for their support, says Kaz Cooke, author of Kid Wrangling. “I think it’s incredibly important for any new parent to get as much support as they can because families don’t work the way they used to. Families are different now, so you need as much expertise as you can bring in.  See your family and friends as consultants who can come in and help you.” Kaz adds support groups can be really beneficial for new moms. One of the things I think is good is a mother’s group that’s set up formally or informally in your area and you can go along and swap your stories and ask other people what they’re doing about this certain problem. that kind of stuff can really help stave off a post-natal depression situation.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Kaz Cooke, author of Kid Wrangling.

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