Values and Young Children

When should we start instilling values in our children? 

Values and Irony

One of the most important things we can instill in our child is a sense of our values.  And while this is something we might associate with older kids, the fact is we need to begin teaching them values from an early age says Sharon Hall, author of Raising Kids in the 21st Century. “We need to be talking about our values with our children from the time they are very, very young. We need to say that this is how caring people act toward one another, this is the kind of behavior I expect. Those kinds of value statements are very helpful to children.  It provides a framework for them.” Sharon adds that parents need to walk the talk. “Children can spot any hypocritical notes from parents very easily, and will point it out to us, thank goodness. So we absolutely have to speak our values but we must live them also.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sharon Hall, author of Raising Kids in the 21st Century.

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