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Well Child Visit

The benefits of taking children to the doctor when they’re well.

Well Child Visit

As important as it is that we have our children seen by a physician when they’re sick or injured, it’s also important to have them seen when they’re well.  These are called well-child visits and it’s when health, development, and nutrition concerns are discussed, particularly when they are babies says Dr. William Feldman. “In the first few months of age there are quite a few well baby visits.  Usually seven or eight in the first two years, and then they become much less common, possibly every one or two years thereafter.”

And when do well child visits start?  Very young, says Dr. Feldman. “The timing of the first well child visit has changed over the last decade or so.  It used to be at 6 or 8 weeks and was timed around the first immunization.  Now that baby’s are sent home from hospitals at 24 or 48 hours, most physicians and parents feel more comfortable if the baby is seen for the first time within the first week to ensure that there aren’t any significant problems.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is pediatrician, Dr. William Feldman.

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