Curbing Obesity

The connection between family mealtime and preventing obesity.

Curbing Obesity

The alarm bells have rung; today’s children are becoming increasingly overweight. Our children’s eating habits are leading to a tremendous increase in type 2 diabetes and other health concerns. Dr. Diane Sacks, author of  Caring for Your Child Birth to Age 5 elaborates. “We are certainly seeing a huge increase in childhood obesity.  The reasons for that are many, but I think it is very hard for you to eat healthy if you eat out a number of times during the week. Families are so busy, running around with activities for their kids that eating a home-cooked meal is becoming a thing of the past, and I think that’s why we’re seeing good nutrition become a thing of the past. It really is a family affair to get in there, to prepare dinners, to eat them together, and to not supplement nutrition eating with snacks.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Diane Sacks, author of  Caring for Your Child Birth to Age 5.

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