Morning Madness

Tips for managing morning madness at your home.

Morning Madness

Getting breakfast, making lunches, packing school bags and getting kids out the door can be a daunting task in the morning.  Of course the more responsibility kids take, the smoother the rush hour will be. Richard Guare co-author of Smart But Scattered says the key to organized mornings is in the schedule. “We recommend that parents look at what their child’s schedule for the morning is, figure out what the critical activities are and then talk about these with their children. Basically, make up a schedule.  For younger children we like picture schedules, so they may make or draw pictures of a particular set of activities and let the children arrange the order in which they’ll do the activities.  In the early stages, cue them to do each of the activities, but over time fade your supervision and let them go through the activities on their own.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Guare co-author of Smart But Scattered

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