How Personality Affects Children’s Sleep

A look at how your child’s temperament affects his sleep cycle.

Temperament and Sleep

Many experts say that sleep is a learned behavior and that as parents part of our job is to help our children to learn to sleep.  We can do this by creating bedtime routines, such as a bath, a story, and a good night kiss.  But sometimes that may not be the entire answer because the type of person your child is also plays a role in her sleep habits explains Bonni Reichert author of In Search of Sleep. “I think that temperament makes a difference because a child who is very active, or very sensitive or very easily stimulated is going to naturally sleep less or less deeply than a child who is mellow, easy going, not as active, not as perceptive or sensitive.  That’s just people and babies are born with these temperaments and temperaments are with you for life and follow you into all the different areas of your life, whether you’re asleep or awake.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Bonni Reichert author of In Search of Sleep.

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