Early School Troubles

 Some early warning signs that your child is having difficulty learning.

Troubles in Early School

So often, difficulties in school don’t reveal themselves until a child is in the primary grades at school.  But sometimes there can be signs your child may have trouble with formal education at preschool explains Richard Selznick, author of The Shut Down Learner. “Typically at preschool you see circle time, and the child may be flopping around or not quite paying attention.  Now often people are thinking about things like attention deficit disorder at that point, but for many of these children, their language processing skills are a bit weak.  So that’s one thing to be looking for.  Another would be that they often don’t do well with tasks like rhyming.  And they also aren’t great with letter recognition and letter awareness.” And Richard adds that deep inside most of us know when something isn’t quite right. “Trust yourself as a mom. If you think there’s something going on there usually is.  It very rare in my career that when a mom is concerned that there is nothing going on.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Selznick, author of The Shut Down Learner.

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