Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 06 August 2013
Adjusting to Divorce

 A look at just how long it takes for children to adjust to divorce.

Adjusting to Divorce

No one goes into a marriage hoping for divorce, but sometimes it’s the best choice for a couple.  Fortunately, studies show that if well-handled by the adults, children will adjust to the new family arrangements within two years.  Longer than that and there may be other issues at play, says Nicolas Long, co-author of Parenting the Strong-Willed Child. “When you see child adjustment problems beyond that one to two year period, it’s typically not because the parents aren’t living together anymore, it’s typically because of other things that are going on within the family.  The primary cause of children’s long-term adjustment difficulties to divorce is how much conflict there is between the parents after divorce.  It’s on-going.  There’s conflict about custody and other issues that children over-hear.  That seems to have a significant negative affect  on children’s adjustment.”

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