Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 05 August 2013
Divorce and Childhood Fears

What scares kids the most about their parents’ divorce?

Divorce and Childhood Fears

Divorce is a huge life event for a child, and seeing their parents split can bring out some of their biggest fears. But being aware of these fears is one of the first steps parents can take to address them. Marc Ackerman, author of Does Wednesday Mean Mom’s House or Dad’s? Tells us what scares kids most about divorce. “The perception that young children, in particular will have, is that this is an abandonment/rejection kind of situation and that the parent doesn’t love them anymore nor care enough to be around them anymore.  A second level of fear, which is certainly one of the greater fears, is how much is my life going to change? They may move to a different neighborhood, they may move to a different city, they may move to a different house, they may go to a different school, they may have different friends. This certainly not only leads to fearfulness, but leads to insecurity.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Marc Ackerman, author of Does Wednesday Mean Mom’s House or Dad’s?

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