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Road Rage

What every teen driver needs to know about road rage

Road Rage

Road rage is pretty scary stuff, after all, being behind the wheel of a car in a state of intense anger can turn a vehicle into a dangerous weapon.  So we need to teach our teen drivers that road rage isn’t acceptable. And one of the best ways to do this is by role modeling driving in a, calm cool and collect manner says Timothy Smith, author of Crash Proof Your Kids.” One good way to avoid road rage is not to express it yourself, because parents are role models.  When you’re driving, you’re actually handling frustrations in a way that is indicative of how you’re going to handle them through life.  So you can think of driving as teaching them how to drive through life. And if you respect other drivers, be aware that they’re going to make mistakes. And limit yourself in expressing your frustration; that goes a long ways.  And when you find somebody who’s mad, let them get ahead of you.  Get them out of your way.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Timothy Smith, author of Crash Proof Your Kids.

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