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Advertisements and Body Image.

The connection between advertisements and a healthy body image.

Advertisements and Body Image

Imagine if the only humans you ever saw were those in advertising.  You’d swear there’s only one body type out there – slim and trim.   But the world is made up of all shapes and sizes and as parents it’s important to let our children know that the body types on ads don’t reflect reality.  The best way to do that is to watch and talk about the advertisements with them, says Dr. Ed Abramson, author of “Body Intelligence”. “It’s very hard to prevent your child from watching television, so your child is going to be bombarded with these unrealistic advertisements, these unrealistic notions of body image, etc. So I think what parents need to do is watch some TV with the child and then talk about it afterwards to help the child develop media literacy so that he or she becomes skeptical and questioning about some of the messages that are presented on television.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Ed Abramson, author of “Body Intelligence”.

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