Early School Radio Shows — 05 September 2013
Latchkey Kid Safety

Safety tips for kids home alone after school.

Latchkey Kid Safety

At around 11 or 12, depending on a child’s maturity level, spending a couple of hours home alone after school is a real child-care option for working parents. If you do decide that your child is ready for this, here’s a few safety tips for latchkey kids from Samantha Wilson, author of Safe Kids, Safe Families.” If your child is home alone, some great rules to follow are they should never open the door to anyone, never answer the phone. If you don’t have call display and you need to call them, make sure to set up a code ring system so they know that it’s you. For example, you’ll ring once, hang up and then immediately the next call will be yours. Make sure that they don’t bring any friends over because it’s not a time to play. Discuss with your children how they’re feeling about being home alone. If they’re uncomfortable don’t leave them home alone, and always make sure that there’s a parent close by or another adult that you trust that they can go to if they need help.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Samantha Wilson, author of Safe Kids, Safe Families.

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