Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 17 September 2013
Limits and Punishment

A look at punishments for children that are acceptable and those that aren’t.

Limits and Punishment

At one time we equated discipline with punishment such as spanking.  But today the vast majority of psychologists believe such physical punishment leads to resentment, distrust and kids who believe hiting’s okay. Sharon Hall author of “Raising Kids in the 21st Century” says parents can lay down rules without hurting. “I think that punishment is necessary at times.  Of course I’m always hoping that parents will be pro-active and reward good behavior, but let’s face it, every parent faces some kind of bad behavior from their child that they would like to help shape. So we have time out for example.  As children grow, the parents may ask children to absolutely remove themselves from their play environment.  So we might place them in a playpen, or we might ask them to sit in a corner, and we have to say why this is occurring.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sharon Hall author of “Raising Kids in the 21st Century”

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