Snacks and Junk Food

A look at the good, the bad and the ugly of snacks and junk food.

Snacks & Junk Food

According to  recent study just 3% of Canadian kids were considered obese back in 1979.  Now that number is 9%, with an additional 20% of children  overweight.   One way to make sure kids eat better is to provide only healthy snacks at home says Dr. Ed Abramson author of Body Intelligence. “I always suggest though that you avoid having so-called junk food in the house, so that the snacks become something that is more nutritious.” As for junk food – Dr, Abramson says it doesn’t have to be banned entirely. “I think that fast foods, cookies, candies, etc. can be appropriately used as a treat rather than as a snack.  This is something that you do because you want to do it or its enjoyable, and its done in limited amount and in limited frequency.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Ed Abramson author of Body Intelligence.

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