Before Dinner Snacks

Is after school snacking a bad idea?

After School Snacks

Does your kid raid the cupboard or fridge the moment school is over?  After school snacking is a must for most kids, and as long as they are healthy foods, snacks are a great way to make sure kids get all the daily nutrients they need. So stock your kitchen with good stuff, because as Emma Waverman, co-author of Whining & Dining explains kids need to eat when they get home. “An after-school snack is a really important thing for kids.  They’ve used up a lot of their energy in a full day of school running around the playground, and running home from school, so it’s important to have a snack out for kids that’s going to fill them up but not fill them up so much that they don’t eat dinner.  So an after school snack should probably have a little protein and probably some carbs. It’s going to give them a short hit and also something that’s going to carry them an hour or two before dinner.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Emma Waverman, co-author of Whining & Dining.

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