Toddlers and Newborns

How to help your firstborn adjust to life with a sibling.

Toddlers and Newborns

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time.  It can also be an upsetting time for a big brother or sister, after all until now they were the one and only. So how can parents ease this transition period for the firstborn?  Well, by ensuring big brother or sister gets their fair share of love and attention says Nicholas Long, co-author of Parenting Strong Willed Children. “It’s important to involve your older child with looking after the baby and really comment and praise your child a lot and give your child positive feed back when they’re interacting well with the baby. We also know that when a baby is introduced it’s important to make sure that the older child gets a lot of attention from visiting grandparents and other relatives and not all of the attention is focused just on the baby, So it’s important that older children get their fair share of attention after the baby comes home.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Nicholas Long, co-author of Parenting Strong Willed Children.

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