Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 06 December 2013
Technology and Children

 A look at the benefits of giving kids a break from technology.

Technology and Children

Are you ever tempted to unplug your kids?  Seems everywhere we go today, children are plugged into mp3 players, smart phones, and computer or video games.  And while technology has its benefits, taking a break from it does too. Carl Honoré, author of Under Pressure elaborates. “There are times when technology is wonderful, and it can be used for school, and it can be a lot of fun to play a video game or to watch TV. But I think what all this technology is doing to children is that its creating this kind of mind-set of distraction where children are constantly looking for the next bit of electronic input and electronic distraction and stimulation. It makes it hard for them to fall into that very child-like space where time stops and everything disappears and you’re focus is completely on one thing. Children need that space, that quiet, that time alone so that they can find out where they’re going, who they are, and to make sense of the world on their own terms.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Carl Honoré, author of Under Pressure.

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