Early School Radio Shows — 03 January 2014
Post Partum Blues

Have you got the baby blues?  The signs that you’re dealing with post partum depression

Post Partum Blues

Many new mothers are surprised that after the birth of their baby, they don’t feel elated, rather their surging hormones leaves them with the post partum blues. While these blues are common and pass after a few days, post partum depression is another story, explains Ann Douglas, author of “The Mother of All Pregnancy Books.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood and you suspect that you might be encountering a case of post partum depression, it’s very, very important to seek out help.  There are a number of different options in dealing with post partum depression.  Sometimes all that is required is for someone to provide support to the mom so she can get through the challenges of early motherhood.  In other situations medication is in order and believe it or not there are a number of anti-depressant drugs that can be safely taken when a mother is breastfeeding.  So it doesn’t mean having to stop breast-feeding which is a major source of concern for many women.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is family life instructor Ann Douglas, author of “The Mother of All Pregnancy Books.”

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