Shy Kids and Socialization

The difference between shyness and social anxiety disorder.

Shy Kids

Everyone feels shy now and again, but social anxiety disorder requires more consideration because it can affect school performance, lead to depression and low self-confidence. Cynthia Last, author of Help For Worried Kids elaborates. “The difference between a shy child and a child with social anxiety disorder is that the shy child is usually slow to warm up, but they will eventually warm up over time. A socially anxious child does not warm up. They can be in a school classroom with the same children, and by mid year they’re still uncomfortable with those children.”

There’s a lot parents can do to help children with social anxiety including teaching them positive self-talk. “Socially anxious children are usually afraid that they’re going to do or say something that’s going to be embarrassing or humiliating, and unless you deal with the kids of thoughts that are going on in their head, you’re not going to be successful.”

The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Cynthia Last, author of Help for Worried Kids.

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