Bedtime Stories for Boys

The value of bedtime stories for boys.

Bedtime Stories for Boys

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as curling up with your children and reading them a bedtime story.  Bedtime stories are entertaining and provide all sorts of teachable moments for girls, and in some ways, even more for boys explains Adam Cox author of “Boys of Few Words”.”Bedtime stories are one of the most important rituals in family life. Bedtime stories are so helpful for children to make sense out of the different types of experiences and reinforcing different types of things that they’ve learned and for just sharing time with a parent.  And by reading together we encourage boys to develop a depth of vocabulary.  One of the things that we mistakenly focus on is increasing the breadth of vocabulary, and the depth of vocabulary is even more important, which is to say that it’s so critical for boys to learn how to use the words that they do know.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adam Cox author of “Boys of Few Words”.
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