Creating Downtime for Kids

Why all children need a little downtime in the midst of their hectic lives.

Kids and Downtime

Fact is most parents just want the best for their children. It’s why many enroll their kids in one activity after another, with the hopes they can enjoy a myriad of experiences. But in between school and extra curricular activities, children would do well to have a little “do-nothing” time says Sara Dimerman, author of Character is Key. “I think children need some downtime. Sometimes as parents we think we need to keep our children involved in so many different activities so they have opportunities.  But often we rob them of the opportunity to just be on their own. Unfortunately in today’s households, most children are entertained anyway because of computer and TV, so what I often suggest to parent is to try to find part of the day when you can have a no screens time.  So that means no computer, television, pad or ds and that way children are almost forced to find things to do that doesn’t include screens and often that’s quite a challenge.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sara Dimerman, author of Character is Key.
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