Radio Shows Safety Teen — 23 May 2014
Driving and Graduation

Tips for ensuring our graduating students arrive alive.

Driving and Graduation

Too often we hear a tragic tale of graduating students dying in a horrific car crash.  It’s a time of year when the celebrating gathers steam and the guard is dropped.  By we can help ensure our grads arrive alive says Timothy Smith, author of Crash Proof Your Kids. “The graduation season, the party season, is an especially dangerous time for teens. They’re celebrating, they’re looking for opportunities to have fun, and they’re in groups. I think one good way to reduce that risk is to make it very clear up front what our expectations are for their behavior, are clear consequences if they violate them, and encourage or demand that they don’t drive and they don’t drive with friends. If you can chauffeur them back and forth to their events, if you can afford to have a limousine that reduces a big part of the risk.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Toddler Books.

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