Early School Education Radio Shows — 18 September 2014
Counteracting Ads Aimed at Kids

How to counteract all that advertising aimed at children.

Counteracting ads aimed at kids

Over the years, we’ve become accustomed to buying what we want now.  It’s created a bit of a credit crisis for a lot of people, and many parents don’t want to see their children end up owing rather than owning, which is why parents need to continually point out their financial values. Jolene Godfrey, author of Raising Financially Fit Kids explains.

” Marketers are drip, drip, dripping on kids 24/7, and by the time children see their first cereal box, they’re being targeted, and what I say to families now is that you’ve got to be drip, drip, dripping those financial ideas and words and values and messages with as much intensity and regularity as the marketers are coming at your kids, because if they don’t hear from you what important financial values and behaviours are, believe me, the kids are going to get from the marketers what the behaviour should be.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is  Jolene Godfrey, author of Raising Financially Fit Kids explains.

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