Behavior Development Radio Shows Teen — 14 October 2014
Communications and Boys

Why your son needs to polish his communication skills.

Communication and Boys

Years ago it was common for men to work the land, trap, hunt or be the lonesome cowboy.  All these jobs had something in common – there was little interaction with others. Today, men work in fields that require great communication skills – and it’s something we need to tune into for our son’s sake, says Adam Cox, author of Boys of Few Words. ” The biggest mistake that we make with boys is assuming that because they’ve become very skilled at working on the computer, or that they are a star on the athletic field, that they’ve developed all the skills that they need, and we sell boys short when we assume that that kind of athletic prowess or that kind of technical mastery is all that’s required for their success. Boys literally can’t afford to lack communication skills.  We begin to help boys when we take a step towards helping them realize that they live in a world of other people and that communication is the web that binds us altogether. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adam Cox, author of Boys of Few Words.

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