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Holistic Education

Why educating kids needs to be about more than just marks.

Holistic Education

When it comes to educating our children, we often measure their success by their grades.  But education needs to be about more than simply academics if we are to raise kids that can succeed in an increasingly complex world says Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind.

” You know, one of the things about the current state of child development and the pressure that kids face in school is that to some extent, we become lulled into being fascinated by how to improve academic performance by 10 or 20 percent. But I think that we should have a more holistic understanding of what it means to be an effective and happy child and part of that is to be able to relate effectively. So self-awareness is really the foundation for a life of great relationships with other people, happiness interacting with your peers and the ability to resolve conflicts within your family and other settings. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind.

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