Music Education on a Budget

How to find kids music lessons on a budget.

Music Education

Over the years there have been a lot of studies showing that music lessons can improve a child’s math skills. More important though, is that music is fun.  While music lessons can be expensive,  there are options out there for those of us on a budget says Jessica Baron-Turner, author of Your Musical Child.

“When we’re working with limited resources and we want to give our child a music education program, the first thing we want to do is look for the free programs that happen in afterschool clubs. Church can sometimes be a good place if you’re a religious person your child can be involved in a choir program.  If the school music program is going, often that will be enough to set up the basics, and to go beyond that you might find teachers who will work with you on a sliding scale.  Lots of teachers will do that. Teenagers sometimes make really good music teacher for young children.  If they’re in the neighbourhood and they know how to play a guitar or beat on a drum, ask them to come over once a week and show your child how to do it.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Jessica Baron-Turner, renowned children’s educator and author of  Your Musical Child.

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