Parent/Teacher Meetings

A look at why those parent-teacher meetings are so important.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

Once school is well underway, parent-teacher conferences start to pop up. As a parent, it’s your chance to express any concerns about your child’s learning style. And it helps you keep in the know about what’s being taught for that grade. Thomas Guskey, author of How’s My Kid Doing? says these meetings are kind of a must-attend because they’re so beneficial.

“There are two benefits of parent-teacher conferences: first, parents use a parent-teacher conference as a major source of information about what the teacher expects and the kind of things that the teacher’s wanting students to do in the class. But second, it helps the teacher communicate to the parents their concern for the child as an individual and interest in making sure that the child does well in that particular class at this particular time. So, I think that it’s really a foundation for establishing an openness of communication between the home and school.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Thomas R Guskey Middle School Educator and author of How’s My Kid Doing?

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