Healthy After School Snacks

Does your child’s after-school snack get high marks?

Good Snack – Bad Snack

When kids come home from school they are often ravenous and reaching into the fridge or cupboard comes second nature. And considering supper may be hours away, a few nutritious after-school snacks should be in order, as long they leave room for a healthy dinner. But how much snacking is too much? Depends on the child says Daina Kalnins, co-author of Better Food For Kids. “Some kids can have a huge snack, have a couple of bowls of cereal, an apple, an orange and still be hungry for supper, and others may find that may fill them and they won’t want supper. So in a situation where a child does fill up, you can limit the amount that they’re having, but I would strongly suggest to allow them to have some form of snack. Know your child and know what their appetite is like, so if they are eating too much and not eating dinner, then just set a few limits around the type and the quantity of the snack they’re taking in.”

daina kalninsThe Parent Report’s guest expert is Daina Kalnins, a registered dietician and author of Better Food For Kids.

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