Holiday Food

 How to help your family maintain a healthy diet over the holiday season.

Holiday Food

There are some tempting foods in our homes during the holiday season and keeping your family’s nutrition on track can be challenging. Of course, there’s a happy medium where kids can enjoy those shortbreads but still eat healthily, says Vanita Pais, Registered Dietician at the Hospital for Sick Children.

“If you are in the holiday season and you’re going to be skipping meals and just snacking on high calorie cookies and snaking items, then you are going to be hungrier and you may fill up on the wrong things. So, have that structured approach where you can have your three main meals. And a snack should remain a snack, so that you’re not over-consuming those sweets and high-fat foods and just having it as a small portion.”

And Vanita adds that depriving children of goodies isn’t necessary. “All foods fit, so it’s not that kids cannot have those foods, but it would be easier done if they are going to be eating their regular meals and just having a small portion of those foods.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Vanita Pais, Registered Dietician at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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