How to Get Kids to Behave Better

 How to actually get your children to behave a little better!

Kids’ Bad Behaviour

Usually when our children misbehave, especially the young ones, it’s quite unintentional.  They simply don’t know any better.  Which is why we can make big inroads on improving our children’s behaviour by simply being clear with how we want them to act.  As Nicholas Long, Co-author of Parenting The Strong Willed Child, explains, “The first step in getting a child to follow an instruction is to make sure that as parents we give a very clear and specific instruction. Unfortunately, many times as parents we give instructions that are not very clear. For instance, we give a vague instruction such as “Johnny be good”. It’s very important to not give our children vague instructions but to give instructions that are very specific and concrete.  For example, instead of saying to your child “be good”, you would say to your child “be gentle when you play with your little brother.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Nicholas Long, Co-author of Parenting The Strong Willed Child.

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