How Sleep Affects Education

The connection between adequate sleep and good grades.

Sleep and Education

How many hours of sleep is your child getting?  If your answer is 8, then chances are your child isn’t getting enough sleep.  In fact, most kids, teens included, need about 10 hours of sleep a night otherwise they’ll suffer a temporary dip in their IQ levels, reasoning and memory.  Thomas Guskey, author of How’s My Kid Doing? believes that things like sleep play a key role in a child’s success at school.

“It is important that parents pay attention to these other issues, particularly in regards to health.  Students do need to have a certain amount of sleep in order to perform well in school.  So parents should be monitoring bedtime of their children and try to make sure that they get sufficient amounts of sleep especially during the adolescent years when they are more likely to want to stay up late but need more sleep than ever before.  So that means parents have to monitor the time their children are going to bed to make sure that they get sufficient amounts of rest in order to be well prepared for school.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Thomas Guskey, author of How’s My Kid Doing?

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