Divorce & Education

Can the divorce of parents affect how children do in school?

Divorce and Education

There is nothing that can affect a child’s performance in school more than their home life. Which is why divorce can impact a child’s education so much. But if the parents handle it with diplomacy, and put their kids needs and feeling ahead of their own, chances are everything will fine. It’s when they don’t that trouble can brew explains Mark Ackerman, author of Does Wednesday Mean Moms House or Dads? ” With parents who don’t want to cooperate with each other and with parents who don’t want to communicate, the more acrimonious a divorce is, the more fighting that there is between the parents, the more it will impact the children’s education. And one of the phrases that I often use is that I talk about the fact that the child’s performance  in school is a barometer for how the child is doing adjusting to the divorce. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Mark Ackerman, author of Does Wednesday Mean Moms House or Dads?

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