Early School Nutrition Radio Shows — 25 March 2015
School Lunches

How to pack a school lunch your kids will actually eat.

School Lunches

Do you find that much of what you send to school for lunch comes home at the end of the day?  Or maybe you discover your child tossed lunch out, or gave it away? If this has you concerned, then you might want to enlist the help of the very people you’re packing lunch for, your kids! Dr. Cheryl Mutch, pediatrician and Co-author of Good Food to Go explains. “Kids are more likely to eat lunches that they have had some level of involvement with, particularly when it’s food that they helped choose at the grocery store, helped to prepare on the weekend such as helping to bake the muffins or the cookies.  Lunchtime at school, particularly for younger kids can be a time when they have no appetite at all.  They are so distracted by what\s going on. It’s a real social time for them so if they open a lunch box and see something that’s familiar to them and they’ve had some investment in preparing then they\re more likely to eat it. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Cheryl Mutch, pediatrician and Co-author of Good Food to Go.
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