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Sibling Rivalry

What to do when your kids fight with one another?

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry just seems to go with the territory of having more than one child.  But how we handle it as parents can mean the difference between a lifetime of struggles between siblings, or kids learning to deal with their disagreements.  The good news is, in the case of sibling rivalry parents don’t have to do all that much. Alyson Schafer, author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids explains. “They’re fighting because there’s a benefit to it and almost always that benefit is parental engagement and involvement which is why they’ll walk home from school perfectly happy and nicely and they don’t fight in the school yard, but the minute they hit the front step all chaos breaks out.  It’s because you’re there to be the audience to step in and to play your part in taking sides and polarizing them again. So don’t take the bait.  Let them know th at you’re sorry they’re having trouble but that you’re going to move away from their storm.  I would leave them to have their conflict on their own.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Alyson Schafer, author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids.

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