Sugary Beverages a Factor in Childhood Obesity

Boys who drink soda pop, fruit punch, lemonade and other sweetened beverages are at nearly double the risk of being overweight and obese compared to their peers according to research out of the University of Saskatchewan.  Researchers studied Canadians between the ages of two and 18 and found that each day they consumed 476 grams of sugary beverages on average.

Boys aged six to 11 years consumed the most sweetened drinks, about 553 grams of soft drinks and other sugary beverages, daily. Average consumption of sweetened, low-nutrient beverages, not including chocolate milk, for U.S. teens was 629 grams per day, compared with 476 grams in Canada based on national survey data. Still, while Canadian children do not consume as much as their American counterparts, the amount consumed is still very much a cause for concern.

Researchers expressed that their biggest worry is that nutrition and dietary patterns learned in childhood are often set for life, and that sugary drinks can have a big impact on weight gain and associated health problems.

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