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Teens, Hearing Damage and Rock Concerts

How your teen can enjoy the concert experience without major hearing damage.

Hearing Damage

There’s nothing quite like attending a pop or rock concert when you’re a teen. While it’s great fun and almost a rite of passage it also has it’s downside, namely hearing damage. And it’s no wonder, considering that a loud concert can be louder than a jackhammer. But rather than banning concerts, a better idea is to go with ear plugs in hand…or in ear says Rex Banks of the Canadian Hearing Society. “Rock concerts can be quite loud and it’s recommended that if you’re going to go to one that you use some type of ear protection, so you could use store bought ear protection. Certainly if you leave a concert and you ears are ringing or making any kind of noise or if you all of a sudden sound like you’re talking loudly to yourself you may be experiencing some type of temporary hearing loss so it’s important to rest, give yourself some auditory rest, give your ears a chance to relax and settle back down.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Rex Banks, Director of Hearing Healthcare and Chief Audiologist at the Canadian Hearing Society.

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