Toddlers and Play

A look at the world of toddlers, play and friendship.

Toddlers and Play

Before children can make their first friends they need to learn how to play, and that takes time. Infants begin to learn how to play by playing alone while observing others.  By 18 months toddlers  start playing side by side, but not really interacting.  Soon after, they start playing co-operatively. Of course for children to learn to play together they need to get together, which bring us to those all important play-dates.  Kaz Cooke, author of Kid Wrangling elaborates. “I think play-dates and getting together with other toddlers in groups is really important for kids and this often happens in childcare or informally with parents who are at home or maybe meet in a local park or in each others’ homes.  They’re social beings and they need to hang out together   But you can’t expect a toddler to play with another toddler as if they were seven. They don’t have the grown-up conversation of ‘now it’s your turn’. It’s something that’s always going to need supervision.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Kaz Cooke, author of Kid Wrangling.

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