Early School Radio Shows Safety — 28 October 2015
Furnace Filters

When you’ll want to change that furnace filter for the health and safety of your family.

Furnace Filters

By now most of us know that mold is something we don’t want in our homes because when  grows it releases millions and millions of spores which are not safe to breath in, explains Karen Bartlett, Professor in Environmental Health at UBC. “These spores can be what we call, antigenic which means when they hit the lungs the body reacts to them and you can develop allergies or even asthma.” Believe it or not, your furnace filter can be the perfect home for mold. “As the furnace filter starts to build up dust, it actually collects dust more efficiently, but obviously it’s going to reach a point where you do need to change the filter, particularly if there’s any moisture that’s associated with the filter. You don’t want moisture to be in contact with that dust because if you put moisture and the dust together, then you’ve created the perfect environment for mold to grow.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Karen Bartlett, Professor in Environmental Health at UBC.

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