Kid Culture Radio Shows Teen — 27 November 2015
Banning Teen Friends

A look at the influence we have over who our kids hang out with.

Banning Friends

Is your teen hanging out with someone who you think is a bad influence?  Would you love to ban that friendship? Well, careful.  The older your teen is the less say you will have over their friendships.  On the other had, if they’re a younger adolescent you may still have some influence says Sharon Hall, Author of “Raising Kids in the 21st Century”. We need to remember that there’s an early adolescent period and a late adolescent period.  So for children are 12, 13, 14, I think parents can use a little more control in that regard, but by the time children are 15, 16 and above, they become so much more mobile on their own that it is difficult for parents to do that kind of banning.  And of course we always hope that by the time they are in that late adolescent period they have made some positive decisions on their own about who are good influences for them.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sharon Hall, Author of “Raising Kids in the 21st Century”.
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