Early School Nutrition Radio Shows — 05 November 2015
Fast Food Alternatives

 How to feed your child quick, nutritious meals.  Fast food alternatives.

Fast Food Alternatives

With all the things families have to accomplish in a day, it’s no wonder many of make swinging by a fast food restaurant a regular part of their lives.  But you may be wondering if it’s possible to enjoy fast foods without risking your family’s health.  Dr. Christine Wood, author of How To Get Your Kids To Eat Great & Love It believes you can. “One of the things families can do is try to avoid the typical fast food places as often as possible.  And there are healthier choices that you can go to as far as some of these fast food places, so that’s another option.  And I think, when you shop at your grocery store, there are, again things that you can find there that are quick and easy.  You can buy, for example, a whole chicken that is cooked and take that home and wrap it up in a tortilla with some beans and cheese and rice and get a much healthier meal than if you were to go out that night to the fast food place.”

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