How to Praise Good Grades

 Is there a right way to praise good grades?

Praising Grades

When a child comes home with high marks, what parent doesn’t want to jump up and praise them? Sometimes it’s even tempting to reward them with gifts.  But Nicholas Long, author of Parenting the Strong Willed Child believes it’s not the grades or even their character traits that should be praised, but something else all together. “We reward children when they show good effort and they do something that’s very good.  Now we want to be careful that we don’t reward or praise children for their character or personality by saying things such as ‘you’re so smart’, but to really praise them for showing a good effort in doing something. When children do something such as bringing home good grades from school, what we rally want to do is praise the effort that went into those grades, and really comment on how hard they worked to get those grades. That’s something praise can be used effectively for.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Nicholas Long, author of Parenting the Strong Willed Child

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