Befriending Victims of Bullies

It’s important to teach our children to be more than mere by standers when they witness bullying.

Dealing With Bullying

When it comes to bullying, there’s the bully, the victim and the bystander. Most kids fall into the latter category where they witness bullying, and it can be a real conundrum about how they should handle it. Stepping in at the time can be dangerous, but doing nothing isn’t an answer either. Here are some ideas from Patti Agatson, co-author of Cyber Bullying. “It’s important for parents to talk to their kids about what they should o if they witness someone being bullied, and what are those bystander strategies that we need to take if we see someone being treated unkindly.”

Patti elaborates on how parents can help a child who witnesses bullying. “We need to give them a range of options and have them come up with a range of options they can try such as being friendly to the person after the fact; going up and talking to the child who was targeted and offering them some support. Including that person, allowing them to sit with them at lunch or participate in social activities. And then, when appropriate, to tell an adult at home or at school about the bullying situation.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Patti Agatston, an authority on online culture and author of the book Cyber Bullying.

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