Children & Christmas Traditions

It’s not the latest toy.  What kids really want for Christmas.

Christmas Traditions

When it comes to the holiday season, many of us  stress out and overspend , determined to get the perfect gift for our kids.  While it’s nice to give our children gifts, we need to remind ourselves that, in fact, most kids relish the traditions of the season above all else, says  Kaz Cooke, author of Kid Wrangling.

“When it comes to Christmas or the holiday season, it’s important to have kids love the excitement of it and try to make it about the ritual, the excitement, the idea of getting something.  Kids really love the rituals, the rituals that have to do with lighting candles, with decorating a tree, with perhaps singing carols around the neighborhood, whatever the cultural bent of the family is. They’re probably aren’t going to remember the toys that ran out of batteries the next afternoon, ten years later, but they will remember those important rituals.  Kids love that kind of stuff.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Kaz Cooke, author of Kid Wrangling.

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